Samantha Brown is a photographer hailing from Alabama. Her interest in photography began in high school when her father allowed her to “play” with his Canon film camera with a 50mm lens affixed. To this day, the 50mm portrait lens is her favorite to shoot with.

Samantha’s passion for people led her to photograph friends, family, bands, and strangers throughout college and graduate school. She chose to pursue a degree in Higher Education, but always came back to photography. After moving to Austin, Texas, photography became more than just a hobby.

Samantha has been fortunate to work with the following clients: Kahlua, the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at UT, Austin, the Texas Advanced Computing System Labs, Ovrld.com, Geeks Who Drink, and Indeed. She enjoys capturing candid nightlife, live performances, portraits, and weddings. Basically, if there are people involved, she wants to be there to capture their lives.